Canadiana - The Ogo Pogo

I will lick you first! Many large unidentified sea creatures have been sighted in lakes, rivers and oceans throughout the world. Certain fresh water bodies have also gained a reputation for containing sizable creatures often described as prehistoric dinosaurs, or dragons. The Loch Ness Monster is perhaps the most famous case of this in the world. However, Canada has it's own Lake Monster, The Ogopogo. The first sighting of the Ogopogo predates The Loch Ness Monster and is virtually the first such sighting of a creature of this type anywhere in the world.

Canada's famous water monster, The Ogopogo can be found in Lake Okanagan in the south central interior of British Columbia. Native Indian legends states that there has been a monster living in Okanagan Lake long before white men arrived in this country. Each year, sightings are reported of a creature some 20 to 50 feet long, with a horse shaped head and an undulating serpent-like body wih fins and feet. Cool! Okanagan Lake is about 80 miles long extending from Vernon at the north, to Penticton in the south with Kelowna in the middle. Sightings of The Ogopogo have been reported throughout the length of the lake but the creature appears to favour an section of the lake just south of Kelowna.

It's Really Jo' Mamma! The first recorded sighting of The Ogopogo by a caucasion was by Mrs. John Allison in 1872. Such sightings have continued to this day with many credible, rational and sober people claiming to have seen the beast. Native Indian folklore places the lair of the lake monster which they called N'ha-a-itk (lake demon), at a cave under Squally Point near Rattlesnake Island which is offshore from Peachland. The Native Indians would never paddle a canoe near this area without an offering for the creature because too often a storm would spring up and N'ha-a-itk would rise out of the waters to claim another life!

So save your money, instead of taking that trip to Scotland, take a trip to B.C. Check out the Ogopogo, and enjoy the interior of British Columbia. Who knows, maybe you'll be the one to finally get 'proof' of The Ogopogo!